INSPUR has powerful high-end server R&D capacity, including high-end server chip architecture, Chipset-level system design and verification.

The high efficiency server and storage technology state key laboratory is the Chiness first state key lab established relying on enterprise.

This laboratory take on many state-level reserch tasks like high-end fault-tolerant computer research and massive storage system research.

INSPUR's high-end server products including 85 server, 165 server and 325 server, and 128S server will come in the near futrue.

  TSK1-8 TSK1-16 TSK1-32
CPU Inter Itanium 9500 Inter Itanium 9500 Inter Itanium 9500
CUP number/
Core number
8/64 16/128 32/256
Memory DIMMs 64 128 256
Memory Max. 0.5T 1T 2T
IO-BOX number 2 4 8
I/O SPEC. 12 PCI2 Gen2
4 PCIe x16
8PCIe x8
24 PCI2 Gen2
8 PCIe x16
16PCIe x8
48 PCI2 Gen2
16 PCIe x16
32PCIe x8
Power Supply Four 2500W
2+2 redundancy
Six 2500W
4+2 redundancy
Ten 2500W
8+2 redundancy
Hardware Partion 1-2 1-4 1-8
Advanced Features
1. Memory mirroring and hot standby
2. MCA Faulty processor feature
3. Dynamic reconfiguration feature
4. Module hot-plug
5. OS optimized for CC-NUMA
6. Modular redundancy fault-tolerant: power supply, fans, interconnect module ect.
System Availability
System Maintainability
Support on-line detection and diagnosis
System Serverability
Modular design, support hot-plug